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Here you can access the documentation that is included with BM-Link. You can also access this documentation by clicking on the button with a question mark in the BM-Link Preference Panel. (Opens in a new window.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use BM-Link without an Audio Master?

No BM-Link does not include the funcationality to act as an Audio Master. This means that in order to use BM-Link in your BeoLink system you need an Audio Master that supports N.MUSIC. (BeoSound 3000/3200/9000 or BeoCenter 1/2)

Can I connect the BeoPort to an Airport Express?

No. The USB port on the Airport Express is only for connecting printers.

BM-Link doesn't start at login, even when it should.

If you experience a problem that BM-Link doesn't start when you log in to the computer it might be due to the fact that the path to the program that is stored in your Login Items preferences is invalid.

To fix this you need to uncheck the Launch BM-Link at login option and then check it again.

Why does the music stop playing after one song?

This might be due to the fact that your main iTunes library does not display the entire Library. If the track being played is not among the ones shown in the track listing iTunes does not continune playing when the current track has come to the end.

Make sure that you have All selected in both the artist and album list.

Why is "TRK 128" shown on my BeoSound?

The display on the audio master does not have support for all international characters. Thus when a track title can't be display the index of the track is displayed instead.

How do I play tracks in random order?

By using the RANDOM button (Found under the LIST button) you can toggle wether the current playlist will play tracks in random mode or not.