BM-Link Icon   Configuring the software
Configuration of the BM-Link software is done in System Preferences
Select the BM-link icon in the "other" section of the System Preferences
There are three subpages: PowerLink, Interaction and Advanced, that you can use to changes how BM-Link works


The controls on the page are used to adjust various settings for the PowerLink speakers connected to the BeoPort box. You can adjust volume, bass, treble, balance and loudness.

The Show in menu bar option switches the BM-link icon in the menu bar on or off. This BM-link icon leads to a dropdown menu where the volume of the Power Link speakers can be adjusted.


This page is related to options that handles interaction with BM-Link and visual feedback to your Bang & Olufsen Equipment.

The Group albums by artist option changes the order of playback so that albums by the same artist are grouped together when navigating using the album view.

The Show song information options ared used for selecting the display type of the Bang & Olufsen product on which the informations about the current playing track (such as track title) are shown.

  • The option Devices with 8 character displays enables information to be shown on products with 8 character displays such as BeoSound 3000, BeoSound 3200 and the BeoVision Avant
  • Devices with 12 character displays enables information to be shown on the 12 character display of the BeoSound 9000
  • Devices with larger displays is used for the display on BeoCenter 2.
All products do not support tag info. And the options may be combined.


The Turn on Power Link speakers dropdown menu is used to select when the Power Link speakers connected to the BeoPort box should switch on: either when BM-link starts, when iTunes starts or Manually. If Manually is selected there is a checkbox in the menu bar dropdown that lets you turn on and off the speakers.

Maximize system volume while USB box is connected is used to turn the system volume to maximum level when The BeoPort box is connected. This is important to make the playback volume level of N.Radio or N.Music similar to the volume level on the audio master when playing other sources such as Radio or CD. Furthermore, a high output volume level of the Mac improves the signal/noise ratio of the sound in the speakers connected to the audio master.

The Mute Power Link speakers during Master Link playback option is used to mute the sound in the Power Link speakers when you start playback of music from your audio master.

The this computer distributes N.MUSIC and N.RADIO option is relevant for the situation where you have more than on computer connected to the Master Link system in your home.

The IR eye only responds to LINK commands option must be switched on if you have a Bang & Olufsen IR receiver connected to the BeoPort box and you want the receiver only to respond to special link commands. These commands (L-N.RA for N.Radio and L-N.MUS for N.Music ) can be added to the list on your Beo4 and with these commands you can control playback of music in iTunes using your Beo4 remote control.

The Launch BM-Link at login option is used to start BM-link when the user logs in.

Current firmware version in the BeoPort box is displayed. This firmware can be upgraded using the Update button. It is recommend that you update the firmware of the BeoPort box to the same version number as the one distributed with BM-Link.