BM-Link Icon   Playing N.RADIO
You can add the item "N.RADIO" to the list of 'buttons' that appear when you press LIST on the Beo4 remote control. "N.RADIO" is used to listen to radio from the internet. The "N.RADIO" 'button' is added to the list on your Beo4 in the following way:
To add N.RADIO to your Beo4:

1 Press and hold the standby button down
2 Press LIST to get access to the Beo4 setup function
3 Let go of both buttons. ADD? appears in the display
4 Press GO to bring up the list of available 'buttons' to add from. The first button appears in the display, it flashes on and off
5 Press the arrow up or down keys to move forwards or backwards in the list of all extra buttons
6 When N.RADIO appears in the display, press GO to add it to the list

To switch on N.RADIO, press LIST on Beo4 until 'N.RADIO' appears in the display, then press GO.

The first time you activate N.RADIO, a dialogue box pops up on the Mac asking you whether a special N.RADIO folder should be generated among the playlist items in iTunes. If you select 'Yes' and move some radio-links from the "Radio" folder in iTunes to the N.RADIO folder, you will be able to listen to the selected net-radios via your Bang & Olufsen audio master. The station title is shown when "GO" is pressed while streaming from the net-radio station takes place. If iTunes cannot start the Internet streaming "No Stream" is displayed on the audio master.

Using the Beo4
Use the list button to select N.RADIO.
Starts playing the current station.
Pauses the current station.
Skips to the next station.
Skips to the previous station.
User the number buttons to directly select a station.