BM-Link Icon   Playing N.MUSIC
You can add the item N.MUSIC to the list of 'buttons' that appear when you press LIST on the Beo4 remote control. N.MUSIC is used to listen to the audio tracks listed in the iTunes application. The N.MUSIC 'button' is added to the list on your Beo4 in the following way:
To add N.MUSIC to your Beo4:

1 Press and hold the standby button down. (The button with a red dot)
2 Press LIST to get access to the Beo4 setup function
3 Let go of both buttons. ADD? appears in the display
4 Press GO to bring up the list of available 'buttons' to add from. The first button appears in the display, it flashes on and off
5 Press the UP or DOWN button to move forwards or backwards in the list of all extra buttons
6 When N.MUSIC appears in the display, press GO to add it to the list

You can also find information how to do this in the documentation supplied with your Beo4

To switch on N.MUSIC, press LIST on Beo4 until 'N.MUSIC' appears in the display, then press GO.

After choosing N.MUSIC, playback of the first track in "library" of iTunes starts. This requires that the Mac is switched on or 'sleeping'. When you press GO, the title of the present track is shown in the display of the audio master (if visual feedback is switched on in the settings panel). Likewise, the Artist, Album or Genre is shown in the audio master display when pressing the green, yellow or red button, respectively. The blue button on the Beo4 is used for accessing playlists.

Use the step UP and DOWN buttons on Beo4 to step between the tracks shown in the lists in iTunes. The WIND and REWIND buttons change between Artists, Album, Genre or Playlist depending on which of the colored buttons was pressed most recently. These groups can also be accessed directly by means of the number buttons on the Beo4 remote control.

Using the Beo4
Use the list button to select N.MUSIC.
Starts playing the current track.
Pauses the current track.
Skips to the next track.
Skips to the previous track.
Skips to the next group, see info about colored buttons.
Skips to the previous group, see info about colored buttons.
User the number buttons to directly select a group.
Use the color buttons to select what group to use when navigation through your music
  • GREEN Tracks are grouped by artist.
  • YELLOW Tracks are grouped by album.
  • BLUE Tracks are grouped by playlist.
  • RED Tracks are grouped by g enre.